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Multitablice - Interactive whiteboard is the prestige not only for schools, but also companies that move with the times and strive to improve the comfort and quality of all business meetings, presentations and conferences.



In the first five years of life is growing about 50% of the capacity to learn. Next 30% of expanding to 8 years of age. This means that parents are the most important teachers in the world and is the home, not the school, is the most important scientific institution. A child is born with a number of brain cells, which is sufficient to achieve success. But not the number of cells determines the intelligence, and the number of connections created between the cells. These connections are formed as a result of the experience acquired in early childhood. The richer and more stimulating environment, the more complete development of the child.
"Fundamentals" is a program to aid children from 0 to 6 years. It is a response to the questions of parents and carers who by working with the child they want to support the harmonious and comprehensive development. This program is based on the theory of multiple intelligence: every person has their eight, and each of them can already begin to develop in young children. "Fundamentals " in Poland is the only program that has finished developing scenarios play all 8 of intelligence. Contains 400 proposals clever and funny, logically arranged games and activities. Having fun with your child allows you to simultaneously build a stable, wealthy foundations of the development of baby, family ties and deepening provides the child with a safe and easier to start in the future.



itslearning enables teachers to manage education process with easy and pleasure: it supports activities ranging from planning the lesson, creating catching digital and multimedia presentations, shearing and publishing assignments, checking and grading students work, to finally providing students and their parent with personalized feedback
Communication and cooperation between students, parents and teachers is made easier and more effective thanks to range of built-in tools. Feather more, high level of automatisation of daily routines and tasks, allows teacher to allocate much more time to what they like most - namely teaching their pupils.


It's time to take care of the pupils – We were the first to sell interactive whiteboards with programs dedicated to teach school subjects according to the curriculum (e.g. maths, natural sciences). This means that the teacher is able to in less time to prepare an effective and multi-interesting lesson. Our offer includes programs focused on the most difficult subjects in school: math, biology, physics and chemistry, which are dedicated to both younger and older students.